Our First Family Night Rides for club members

Well the first night went ahead on the 26.11.2014.

Not only was it dark as you would expect but it was also foggy and wet.  Despite this everyone had a great time the younger members of the club were at the front and as normal the older ones at the back muttering how fast the teenagers were and how they were struggling to keep up. Steve kept them all in good order and together and everyone is looking forward to the next one.

Please let Elize know if you will be at the next ride by 6pm on Monday evenings for that weeks ride.  If inadequate numbers that weeks ride will be cancelled Meet at 6pm at Beics Brenin they will be back at 8pm. Steve will keep the shop open till 6pm so use the side gate and go inside to stay warm when you arrive. The cafe, and VC will be closed from 4:30pm.  See the main post   “Family Night Rides for club members”   for full details.

Report by Dot Smith

Coed y Brenin Christmas Fair

Sunday 7th December 2014

We will be at the Christmas Fair at Coed y Brenin start time 10.00 and we will be running a “Tombola” to raise funds for the club. Please come along and support us.

There will also be a skills test  £1.00 to include a certificate upon completion from 10.30 to 11.30  this will be followed by Guided family ride.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Family Night Rides for club members

  • Family Night Rides for club membersSteve Beech is running some family Night rides on the following dates
  • Wednesday 26th November
    Wednesday 3rd December
    Wednesday 10th December
    Wednesday 17th December
    Wednesday 7th January
    Wednesday 14th JanuaryThe cost will be £2.50 per person. It is really important to book and pay in advance for these sessions (26th November please book but pay on arrival) It there is not enough people they will not go ahead.  Please book in with Elize by 6pm on Monday evenings for that weeks ride.  If inadequate numbers that weeks ride will be cancelledMeet at 6pm at Beics Brenin they will be back at 8pm. Steve will keep the shop open till 6pm so use the side gate and go inside to stay warm when you arrive. The cafe, and VC will be closed from 4:30pm.

Lights are required. At least 400 lumens but preferably more. Helmet and/or bar-mounted.

It’s cold at night so wrap up warm and bring an extra layer with you. Extremeties get coldest first so warm gloves, socks and a buff. If you’re wearing glasses make sure they have clear lenses.

Beics Brenin do have some lights in the shop and there’s a special offer on Lezyne Powerdrives for the club. These are 700 lumens, bar and helmet mountable (mounts included), USB rechargable, cable-free, and come with a spare battery. RRP: £110. To club members: £90. Tegid, Charlie and Steve all use these lights as they’re great lights!

Happy Riding!

Nichole Taylor
Head Coach
Dreigiau Coed-y-Brenin Dragons

Hafren CC Cyclo-Cross 2014

Hafren CC Cyclo Cross 2014

Sunday the 16th of November saw 3 of our riders off to Newtown to Hafren CC Cyclocross.

The weather was pretty much as you would expect it was raining and then it rained a bit harder.

Tim had a really good race and was 6th in the Boys Under 14 race.

Katie  in her first ever cyclo-cross came 1st in the Girls Under 16 race.

Mike Smith (Who I think should know better at his age. HaHa.)  came 9th in the Men’s Over 50’s

The skills of our riders saw them all doing well in the wooded sections but there were a number of long flats and as they were all riding MTB the gains made in the wood was lost in the open

The comment from all of our riders was “we need a cyclo-cross bike”

They all said they enjoyed the race and went to warm up afterwards at a well-known burger chain for a late dinner.

Report by D. Smith


Go Race NW MTB End of Year Report & Results

Go Race 2014 Winners

Go Race 2014 Winners

Go Race NW MTB Overall Winners 2014

Go Race NW MTB  Report & Results 2014 

Despite the terrible weather that was forecast for once it was not as bad as expected.  Most of the races where held in the dry and the group ride afterwards only got a little wet and the BBQ was excellent.

The series was very well supported by Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dragons with a number of riders at every round and we had some amazing results.

Series Results

  • Under 6 Girls in 2nd place Hannah Brotheridge.
  • Under 10 Girls 1st place Megan Blackburn.
  • Juvenile Girls 1st Place Katie Hesden.
  • Juvenile Boys 1st Place Tim Freeman.
  • Youth Boys 1st Place Peter Stewart.
  • Youth Boys 3rd Place Mal Taylor.
  • Adult Fun Race 2nd Place Mike Smith.


Overall Winners Were

Overall Girls Joint Winner with maximum points was our own Katie Hesden and Josie Nelson from Solihull CC.

Overall Boys Winner was another of our riders Tim Freeman also with maximum points.


After a number of years Pauline Stewart has decided to hang up her pen and clipboard she will be greatly missed at the signing on next year.  Pauline was presented with a gift of a Decanter and Glasses in appreciation of all her hard work over the last 5 years.  Not to worry she is still an active member of the club and you will all still see her running round and doing countless jobs.

And last but not least a big thanks to Mike Tong for all his hard work

Report by D. Smith

Build It – Ride It


Build It – Ride It! 

This event was held on Wednesday 29th October in the wooded area behind the main car park in Machynlleth (in between the Rugby Club & Leisure Centre).

It was organised by Nikki Taylor, Head Coach of Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dragons Family Mountain Bike Club, in association with Welsh Cycling represented by Mike Tong.

The fun started at 10.30 as kids ranging from the ages of 3 to 12 came to design and set up a mountain bike skills trail through a small wooded area.

The aim of the event was to introduce youngsters to the fun of mountain biking in a safe and controlled environment, getting them involved in the laying out of the course and culminating in several time trials to encourage participation and develop confidence.

First of all, the area had to be swept and cleared of any hazards – kids have the best eyesight and were soon pointing out bits of broken glass and other debris for the adults to remove.  Then followed a spirited discussion over the route the cycle trail should take, making the best of the local features, tight turns and small jumps and of course, avoiding all the big trees!  This was then marked out with tape, poles and direction arrows and when completed, the kids were allowed to “walk” the course to get a feel for it.  In the mean time, all those who had registered for the time trials (25 in total) were split into age groups: 10-12s, 8-9s, 6-7s and 5 & under.

Although the youngsters were quite competitive, they all recognised the day was about having fun – it was great to see them all supporting one another and there was lots of encouraging shouts and cheers!  In between trials, several kids got together to compare notes and discuss some of the more technical aspects of the short course, with the more experienced ones offering tips and suggestions to those just starting out.  Lots of keen eyes were kept on the leader board as some real stars started to emerge.

After each age group had been timed 3 times around the track, the overall winners were declared, but everyone agreed that it had been a great learning experience and all the youngsters were winners for getting involved and taking part!  A thoroughly great day out was had by all – the weather stayed dry, although a little chilly, but ensured a firm track was maintained under wheel.  All that remained was to take the course down and restore the woodland to how it was before – the lack of litter more than compensated for the tyre tracks left behind!

Our thanks go out to Nikki Taylor and Mike Tong, along with the parents that stayed to help out and ensure a highly successful event.  Special thanks also goes to Bro-Ddyfi leisure centre for publisizing the event, taking pre- bookings and provided a table on the day.

Mike Tong tied up in his work.

Mike Tong tied up in his work.

Report by D. Ames