Christmas Ride at Llandegla Saturday 13th December 2014

We went on a joint ride with Dyffryn Conwy on a day of contrasts with blue skies and sun overhead but sheets of ice beneath our tyres. A large group set off rather gingerly after witnessing numerous falls in the car park.

As the first red descent and north shore were all covered in ice it was decided to miss the black options this time round and continue along the red self- preservation being the order of the day.

The teenagers (as usual) managing all the final steep climbs much to the annoyance of those they passed who were reduced to pushing. The ride ended with everyone enjoying the swoopy drops just before the visitor centre and all hoping not to slide out on the ice. Then back for those famous bacon baps and warm drinks.

Report by Mike Smith

Sunday 7th December 2014 Coed Y Brenin Christmas Market – Skills Test and Family Ride.

The club had a Tombola at the Christmas Market at Coed y Brenin to raise funds and a big thanks goes to all who donated prizes, set up and manned the stall.

Despite a damp start to the day it dried out for the ride but sadly not for most of the time when we were doing the skills test.  A brave Nikki and Ezra looked after this for us and despite the cold still had enough energy to play some Carols to make us feel like Christmas. They are a very talented family.

Those riding set off after lunch in two groups on a cold but now dry day.  The younger riders went off to ride the Minortaur and the older ones headed for Dreamtime and then climbed to the top of the Adam’s Family completed the first 3 descents then cut across to False teeth to rattle back down to the river. The teenagers thought Bugsy was too easy so set off to climb back up to ride Uncle Fester again before returning to the warmth of the visitor centre and some warm drinks and more food.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day, gave prizes and joined us on the ride.

Report by Mike Smith

Night Ride at Coed y Brenin

Only 3 days before the full moon, and with 90% of its eery light enhancing the monochrome beauty of the forest, last night’s ride was a corker. Coed y Brenin at night is a really special place – the trails are unfamiliar, disorientating, and deserted (save for the odd scuttling rabbit and rapidly vanishing deer), and the trees cast weird, twisted shadows to trick the eye. Tonight the frost glistened on the trails in the lower valleys, and ice crackled under tyres as we lit up the trees and turned the forest from grey to green with our lights.

This second ride was as fast (perhaps a little faster) than last week’s and we headed a little further afield, warming up on the Minotaur before heading up to the highest of the MBR sections, where the contrasting moonlight and shadow (especially in the twisty sections) made for some interesting riding, as well as highlighting the benefits of helmet mounted lamps.

The youngsters rode really well, I fought to keep up, and Andy and Mike made sure we hadn’t dropped anything. A minor repair to Tim’s light held out for the final descents and we made it back to the centre warm and buzzing from a great ride. Thanks to Tim, Katie, Luke, Andy and Mike for a grin-inducing night out!

Next week, even more climbs! (I’m probably kidding)

We do have room for a couple more riders – you’ll need to be competent on red trails, have lights, and wrap up warm!

Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dyfi ride

Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dyfi ride       Report by Nikki Taylor
Dfyi ride 30.11.2014

Dfyi ride 30.11.2014

A big thank you goes out to Andy and Elize Freeman for a fabulous guided ride on Sunday 30th November.
The weather was bright and warm despite the fact we were only a day away from December. We started from the Climachx car park in Caenws at 11am. Together we climbed the first hill, spirits were high with the teenagers as always up at the front Teenagers are meant to be stereotypically lazy not sure what has happened to ours.
Once we got to the top of the hill we split into 2 smaller groups.
Andy took his group around a mix of Climachx and other Dyfi trails including some of the gravity enduro routes and some favourites like Dicos and the Hazels. The ride was quick paced and exciting.
Elize took her group on some of the easier climachx single track some other trails and some nice winding forestry road climbs. There is nothing like the autumn colours in the Dyfi forest on a bright autumn day, the forest almost looked on fire with all the bright reds yellow and browns on show.
Overall a very pleasant day out, rounded off by a nice cup of tea and a chat with great friends.