Night Ride at Coed y Brenin

Only 3 days before the full moon, and with 90% of its eery light enhancing the monochrome beauty of the forest, last night’s ride was a corker. Coed y Brenin at night is a really special place – the trails are unfamiliar, disorientating, and deserted (save for the odd scuttling rabbit and rapidly vanishing deer), and the trees cast weird, twisted shadows to trick the eye. Tonight the frost glistened on the trails in the lower valleys, and ice crackled under tyres as we lit up the trees and turned the forest from grey to green with our lights.

This second ride was as fast (perhaps a little faster) than last week’s and we headed a little further afield, warming up on the Minotaur before heading up to the highest of the MBR sections, where the contrasting moonlight and shadow (especially in the twisty sections) made for some interesting riding, as well as highlighting the benefits of helmet mounted lamps.

The youngsters rode really well, I fought to keep up, and Andy and Mike made sure we hadn’t dropped anything. A minor repair to Tim’s light held out for the final descents and we made it back to the centre warm and buzzing from a great ride. Thanks to Tim, Katie, Luke, Andy and Mike for a grin-inducing night out!

Next week, even more climbs! (I’m probably kidding)

We do have room for a couple more riders – you’ll need to be competent on red trails, have lights, and wrap up warm!