Junior Antifreeze

Junior Antifreeze

Mae ‘Dreigiau Coed y Brenin’ yn cynnal digwyddiad dygnwch bach hwyl ar gyfer pobl ifanc ar ddydd Sadwrn 28ain o Chwefror 2015 yng Nghoed y Brenin (safle Maesgwm – o Ddolgellau A470 I’r gogledd, trowch i’r chwith cyn y troad ar gyfer y brif ganolfan ar gyfer ymwelwyr, dilynwch y ffordd I’r meysydd parcio).

Cofrestrwch rhwng 11.30 a 12.15. Bydd rasio’n dechrau am 12.30. Mi fydd cost o £4 ar gyfer cofrestru pob reidiwr.

Mi fydd angen beic mynydd, helmed, menig ac esgidiau addas.

Mi fydd dewis yng nghwrs y ras, yn amrywio o hawdd (glas – ychydig o brofiad beicio), canolog (coch – rhai nodweddion technegol yn y cwrs) ac anodd (du – nifer o nodweddion technegol). Y grwpiau oedran bydd dan 8, dan 10, dan 12, Ieuenctid dan 14 ac Ieuanc dan 16.

Mae codau lliw ar gyfer y rash on yn sbesiffig ac nid yw’n gyson gyda llwybrau canolfanau cenedlaethol. Am fwy o wybodaeth, ewch i’r wefan ganlynol:


Dragons Mountain Bike Club are hosting a fun mini endurance event for young people on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 at Coed y Brenin (Maesgwm site – From Dolgellau take A470 north, turn left before the turn for the main visitor centre, follow the road into the car parks)

Sign on from 11.30 – 12.15.  Racing starts at 12.30.  Entry on day £4 per rider.
You will need a mountain bike in good working order, Helmet, Gloves and suitable footwear.

The race will have a choice of 3 routes of different difficulties ranging from easy (blue) some cycling experience necessary, intermediate (red) some technical trail features, hard (black) a lot of technical  features. Age groups for each ability will be under 8s, under 10, under 12, Youth U14, Juvenile U16.

Colour coding is specific to this race and is not consistent with national trail centres.  For more information please go to:



Club Ride at CyB Sat 21.02.2015

The club was greeted on their arrival at CyB by a heavy hailstorm turning everything white and icy for our start. Fortunately the weather improved during the ride and coats and even jumpers were soon going into backpacks. MBR trail was our goal this week with everyone looking forward to its rocky descents. As Uncle Fester is still closed we backtracked after False Teeth to ride Lurch and Pugsley’s Bottom then back across Beginning of the End and down to finish on the Black Steps. After dinner it was up to Y Ffowndri to improve our jump skills.


Report by Mike Smith

Night Ride 18.02.2015

The half-term crowds were almost all gone when our usual night ride group set off led once again by Steve.

Straight into single track we headed out to Dream Time and as darkness fell we crossed the river to Big Dug.  It was up hill then with a quick stop at a very “Spooky” Bothy according to the kids, then on to Beefy. We rode past the “Café in the woods” (but they were shut) and blasted back to the visitor centre.

Report by Mike Smith

Group Ride 14.02.2015 CyB

The Dragons were at CyB this week-end for an afternoon ride on another dry winter’s day. The Gremlins were waiting for us however, with one puncture on the carpark and another 100 metres along Badger with repairs complete it was along Ponderosa down Dream Time and with Uncle Fester still shut for repairs we rode on to Herman and then a quick blast to rattle down Old Pink Heifer. The youngsters then voted to climb to Beginning of the End via the steep tarmac road (to make the older ones suffer I think). Those same Gremlins were still near the V.C. as they claimed another pinch flat we thought it was because they were jealous of the riders’ new helmet. This also gave an excuse for a bike swop which was ok for some but awkward for those over 6 foot on a small 26” bike.

A smaller group   went out on a ride along the Blue. They reported they had a good time but the trail was a fairly crowded.


Report by Mike Smith


Coed y Brenin Ride Saturday 7th February 2015

The club had a good turnout on what was an unbelievably glorious sunny day for February. Two rides were arranged with a group of 8 tackling the Minortawr while the remaining 13 set off along the Tarw.to check the condition of last year’s WMBS course.

Well with 3 Welsh XC Podium riders in the group of 13 you knew it was going to be “Fast and Furious” and I can confirm that it was! After looking at the condition of the course there was a short diversion up to Rocky Horror Show to play on the ice where the gremlins were at work again with 2 riders having pinch flats within 50 meters of each other. Then it was all back to the visitor centre to sit outside in the sun to enjoy coffee, hot chocolate and cake.

Another great ride thanks to everyone who came along I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Report by Mike Smith

Night Ride Wednesday 4th February 2015

After bad weather had led to the cancellation of several night rides we were treated to a beautiful winter evening sharing the trails with a lovely full moon, deer and the local Mountain Rescue team on a training exercise.

With snow on the higher trails Steve stayed close to the Visitor Centre to lead our usual group on another exciting ride.

The two slower (older) members quote from the evening was “We did not get lost or dropped we chose the tougher return route”

Once again a great night thanks Steve and all those taking part.

** Steve’s Top Tips** = Colour code the spare inner tubes for super fast repairs.

Report Mike Smith