Go Race NW MTB End of Year Report & Results

Go Race 2014 Winners

Go Race 2014 Winners

Go Race NW MTB Overall Winners 2014

Go Race NW MTB  Report & Results 2014 

Despite the terrible weather that was forecast for once it was not as bad as expected.  Most of the races where held in the dry and the group ride afterwards only got a little wet and the BBQ was excellent.

The series was very well supported by Dreigiau Coed y Brenin Dragons with a number of riders at every round and we had some amazing results.

Series Results

  • Under 6 Girls in 2nd place Hannah Brotheridge.
  • Under 10 Girls 1st place Megan Blackburn.
  • Juvenile Girls 1st Place Katie Hesden.
  • Juvenile Boys 1st Place Tim Freeman.
  • Youth Boys 1st Place Peter Stewart.
  • Youth Boys 3rd Place Mal Taylor.
  • Adult Fun Race 2nd Place Mike Smith.


Overall Winners Were

Overall Girls Joint Winner with maximum points was our own Katie Hesden and Josie Nelson from Solihull CC.

Overall Boys Winner was another of our riders Tim Freeman also with maximum points.


After a number of years Pauline Stewart has decided to hang up her pen and clipboard she will be greatly missed at the signing on next year.  Pauline was presented with a gift of a Decanter and Glasses in appreciation of all her hard work over the last 5 years.  Not to worry she is still an active member of the club and you will all still see her running round and doing countless jobs.

And last but not least a big thanks to Mike Tong for all his hard work

Report by D. Smith

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