Hafren CC Cyclo-Cross 2014

Hafren CC Cyclo Cross 2014

Sunday the 16th of November saw 3 of our riders off to Newtown to Hafren CC Cyclocross.

The weather was pretty much as you would expect it was raining and then it rained a bit harder.

Tim had a really good race and was 6th in the Boys Under 14 race.

Katie  in her first ever cyclo-cross came 1st in the Girls Under 16 race.

Mike Smith (Who I think should know better at his age. HaHa.)  came 9th in the Men’s Over 50’s

The skills of our riders saw them all doing well in the wooded sections but there were a number of long flats and as they were all riding MTB the gains made in the wood was lost in the open

The comment from all of our riders was “we need a cyclo-cross bike”

They all said they enjoyed the race and went to warm up afterwards at a well-known burger chain for a late dinner.

Report by D. Smith


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