Group Ride 14.02.2015 CyB

The Dragons were at CyB this week-end for an afternoon ride on another dry winter’s day. The Gremlins were waiting for us however, with one puncture on the carpark and another 100 metres along Badger with repairs complete it was along Ponderosa down Dream Time and with Uncle Fester still shut for repairs we rode on to Herman and then a quick blast to rattle down Old Pink Heifer. The youngsters then voted to climb to Beginning of the End via the steep tarmac road (to make the older ones suffer I think). Those same Gremlins were still near the V.C. as they claimed another pinch flat we thought it was because they were jealous of the riders’ new helmet. This also gave an excuse for a bike swop which was ok for some but awkward for those over 6 foot on a small 26” bike.

A smaller group   went out on a ride along the Blue. They reported they had a good time but the trail was a fairly crowded.


Report by Mike Smith


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